Jason Straub

Jason Straub is a Philadelphia-area singer and songwriter whose melodic music draws on influences as varied as Soundgarden, Radiohead, Catherine Wheel, The Black Crowes, Juliana Hatfield, R.E.M., Buffalo Tom and Bob Mould. The music of his former band, Mean Ether, garnered considerable critical acclaim, and they played up and down the east coast in support of their last release, 2003's Silvertongue. The Live Acoustic EP was recorded live in Straub’s basement studio, and pares his music down to its essence - voice and acoustic guitar. Most of his songs are written, at least in their infancy, on acoustic guitar, so it is no surprise that he is now performing them in such a bare-bones fashion. "Drowned" and "Sarahphim" were staples of Mean Ether's live set, and now fans can hear them in their most basic form. Filling out the EP are new songs "Far Behind", "Myopic Game" and "She Loves Adonis", which all continue to explore the politics of personal relationships in the unique voice that Straub has established. As trends come and go, Jason Straub’s music continues to captivate fans because it stands as a vital example of what really matters in popular music - great songs played with honesty and emotion.